Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Universal Design for Learning

UDL isn't new. I was pushing UDL concepts when I wrote a piece for the Hot Technologies paper as part of COSN's Emerging Technologies Committee. I did push on UDL in Concord's Seeing Math project, but it took us a while to really understand all the implications and then we didn't have the resources to make the adjustments to the interactives, but we developed an understanding and appreaciation of the UDL concepts. Concord Consortium subsequently got NSF funding for a UDL Science project. I'm on the project's National Advisory Board.

Its taken a while for the issue to move into greater awareness, but it appears to have made it this week to EdWeek.

If you're unfamiliar with the Universal Design for Learning principles now is a good time to do some research.


Downes said...

Sadly, the Ed Week page is blocked to non-subscribers, so people can't read it. It would have been nice to have a summary and some quotes, not just a link.

Ray Rose said...

Darn... sorry about that.

key piece of the story...

there is language a coalition wants included in federal education law to require states to “develop a comprehensive plan to address the implementation of universal design for learning.” It is in the draft bill for reauthorizing the No Child Left Behind Act released in August by the House Education and Labor Committee.

More information on UDL can be found on the CAST website.