Saturday, December 01, 2012

What does it mean?

There's an interesting infographic from the folks at LearnStuff that presents some interesting data about students and use of technology.  It's of particular interest because of the discussions I hear at my campus from faculty who are adamantly against students bringing technology into the classroom.  I'm not there.  I need to find ways to keep the students engaged with me, or have them engage with the subject using their technology.

I read lots of articles about the increased quantities of technology in use in K-12 classrooms.  Teacher education programs need to preparing their graduates for the changes in the quantity and range of technologies they'll find in K-12 classrooms.

 I see college and university programs that are introducing e-texts, and tablets as required tools, or including technology in the price of registration. 

Then, I was at a conference in early November, and we were talking about the lack of home computing and internet access by low income families and the impact that has both on student learning and career education.  So, while the quantity of technology and ways to access the internet continue to increase, there are still places where access is a problem.  Have you noticed how often on television news they say to go to the station/network website for more detailed information.  Folks without easy internet access can't do that.

I know that the reports say we've eliminated the digital divide, and in may places we have, but I don't think we've yet provided digital opportunities for all our citizens.