Tuesday, April 14, 2015

TxDLA 2015 -- Another Presentation Looking at the Legal Decisions to Date.

TxDLA 2015, took place last week.  Smaller than in past years, there were almost 400 folks attending from an array of institutions.  The largest group represented higher education, but K-12, (State) Government, Non-profits, and corporations made up the rest.

This year there were a number of different sessions on access issues, ranging from stories about getting the institution to take action, to practical sessions on how to caption YouTube videos.   I, of course, did the legal compliance session.

I hope that more institutions will take a serious look at the issues and begin setting standards that require all courses to be legally accessible.

If it will help, the slides from my session are shown here.

These differ from the presentation I did at TAMU-Corpus Christi in that there are more resources listed.  I heard from folks that it was helpful to know what resources were available -- not just what needs to be done.

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