Monday, August 03, 2015

Speaks VOLumes Conference Recordings Still Available.

One of the nice things the folks at TxVSN do as part of the speaks VOLumes conference is record and publish every session.  And since the sessions are live captioned and sometimes (when requested) signed as well, these are great professional development opportunities.

So, not only is the conference online and accessible, it's also FREE!  How can you beat that?

I might be considered a bit bias because I've done the conference now two years and this year not only had a keynote presentation, but was also the moderator (though I prefer the term provocateur) for what I humbly thought was one of the best panel sessions I've been a part of.  The SuperHero Leadership Panel featured: Dr. Nelson Coulter, former Superintendent of Guthrie CSD, Guthrie, Texas. Mark Evans Program Coordinator for Digital Distance and Online Learning for Klein ISD, Klein, Texas, and Dr. R. Jefferson George, Senior Lecturer for the Educational Leadership program at the University of North Texas.

The thing I heard that confirms my assessment, was that it should have been a 120 rather than a 60 minute session.  So, if you're interested in ed leadership, especially in the online world, go through the registration process to get an account for the conference, and spend some time watching and listening to some very informative sessions.

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