Friday, January 22, 2016

CyberLearning 2016

[Update:  The conference was postponed due to the blizzard that struck DC the day before -- when the planning team was scheduled to arrive from the West Coast.  I don't have a new date yet for the re-scheduled event, but I'll leave this up and then see what revisions will be appropriate when the event takes place.]

I'm posting this on Friday January 22.  Sunday, the 24th I'm scheduled to fly to Washington, DC to attend the CyberLearning 2016 conference.  Today and tomorrow, the East Coast, and in particular Washington, DC are supposed to be hit by a major (for them) blizzard.   I'm hoping air travel will be back on track Sunday and the conference will go on as scheduled.  The organizers have put together a website for participants to provide updates on their travel plans.  Since this is a significant gathering of National Science Foundation CyberLearning Principle Investigators the conference planners want this event to be a success.  I'll know more by Sunday.

I'm posting my slides early because I want the participants in my session to be able to have them as we talk.   One of the first things I want to have the brave ones do, is to use one of the accessibility sites on slide 6 to check their project/organizational website.  That should be the start of some interesting discussions.

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