Friday, June 03, 2016

CyberLearning 2016 and Accessibility

CyberLearning 2016 happens the first weekend in June, rescheduled from February when it was postponed because of a winter storm in DC.  I had already put together the slides and posted them here and on SlideShare.  You can find them in an earlier post.  

But, as has been the case with this issue, things change.  Not the basics of the case law, but there are new and different resources as the field discovers the importance of this issue.  And, because I do this, I have folks sending me resources, for which I'm grateful.

What that means is;

  1. if you find a new resource, please send me the information.  I'd rather have multiple folks telling me about something I already know, then risk missing something really great that I just hadn't seen.  and
  2. every time I post new slides they're different.  Not totally different.  The case law has been consistent over the past decade.  The difference is in the resources. 
Just this past week I was introduced to two new publications that look to be interesting.  The Book Industry Study Group has released the Quick Start Guide to Accessible Publishing.  And, there is Vendor Guide to Web Accessibility for Higher Education Customers prepared by the Committee on Institutional Cooperation.  Of course, I prefer the second, as it focuses on Web Accessibility and I have less involvement and interest in book publishing at the moment.

Here are the slides for my June 2016, CyberLearning 2016 presentation.

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